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Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Magnifying glass and Coggs turning

Do I need to register?

If you want to provide the following services in an establishment (fixed setting) in Wales you may need to register with us before being able to do so.

  • Private dental practices
  • Independent healthcare services
    • Independent hospitals
    • Independent clinics
    • Independent medical agencies

Any dental practice in Wales who wishes to provide private treatment must first register with HIW.

If there is any doubt, please submit a registration query form to the registration email address and we will provide a definitive response.

Laser/IPL queries

Do I need to register if I’m using a laser/ intense pulsed light (IPL) machine

Usually all settings in Wales who wish to provide any treatments using a class 3B/4 laser or an IPL device must first register with HIW. However, there can be some exceptions to the rule, please submit a registration query form. The Registration Team will then provide a definitive response.

How do I know the class of my laser?

Please contact the manufacturer for further information.

How do I know if a laser/IPL is compliant before I buy it?

Please contact MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) for further information.

I wish to provide services in a persons’ own home, do I need to register with HIW?

No you do not need to register.

I’m a Medical Practitioner (registered with the GMC) do I need to register with HIW?

Yes, if you will be providing a medical service or involved with providing a medical service that has no NHS involvement.

I’m a Healthcare Professional (registered with the NMC etc) do I need to register with HIW to provide a service?

Usually not, however please submit a registration query form with further information.

How do I register?

Links to application guidance and forms:

I am registered but want to move premises

This will require the setting/practice to register again. Please email the Registration mailbox as we may not need all the same information as a brand new registration.

Already registered but Registered Manager wants to de-register

An application must be submitted which can be found on our website

How do I notify HIW of a change of Responsible Individual (RI)

A change of RI form needs to be submitted.

How do I register a new manager for a setting/practice already registered?

An application must be submitted:

I am already registered but I want to change my conditions (add, change, remove)

This is known as a variation of registration. An application must be submitted.

How do I cancel my registration?

An application must be submitted.

How do I notify HIW of new staff?

  • Independent Health Care (IHC) – Please email an amended Statement of purpose and Patients’ guide to the registration mailbox.
  • Dental - Please email an amended Statement of purpose and Patient information leaflet to the registration mailbox.

Do I need to pay to register?

  • Independent Health Care (IHC) – Yes. Different fees apply for different settings. 
  • Dental - No

*There are some exemptions (hospices/charities). Registration team can confirm

Fee Queries

Do I need to pay an annual fee?

An application must be submitted:

How do i make a payment?

An invoice will be issued. Please wait for the invoice, it will include instructions on how to make the payment. Usually emailed and often goes into Junk/Spam.

Independent Health Care (IHC) – Around the anniversary of the registration.

Dental – Around April annually.

I'm having trouble paying my fees?

Please contact the Shared Services telephone number on the invoice to discuss further.

Will I/we receive a certificate every year?

No, certificates are only issued upon registration and if there is a change.

If certificates have been lost/damaged, copies can be obtained by emailing the Registration mailbox.

Certificates are not emailed. They will be posted to the setting/practice.

DBS Queries

Do I need a DBS certificate?

If you are applying to become the Registered Manager or Responsible Individual then yes.

The certificate needs to be an enhanced DBS and carried out within the last 3 years. Unless you have signed up to the update service and give us permission to check the information online.

Independent Healthcare – Must be carried out by HIW.

Dental – Doesn’t necessarily need to be carried out by HIW.

How do I apply for a DBS?

Independent Health Care (IHC) - A hard copy DBS application pack will be posted to your home address (unless requested elsewhere) upon receipt of an application form.

Dental – Applications can be made online via an umbrella body.

Already registered, do I need to renew my DBS after 3 years?

No, as Registered Manager / Responsible Individual there is no requirement once registered to renew a DBS.

(There are requirements for services to ensure that staff are fit to work, this may include carrying out DBS checks periodically – local policies to be considered).

DBS checks for other staff at settings / practices

HIW can only carry out DBS checks for RMs and RIs for the purposes of registration. HIW cannot carry out checks for other staff members at a setting/practice. An umbrella body will be able to carry out checks.

What is my certificate/registration number?

This is the number on the right hand side (about half way down/at the bottom) of each certificate sheet, it starts with HIW/0…

The RM and Organisation have separate numbers.

How do I make a complaint about an independent healthcare provider?

Contact the person or organisation who provides/d the service. By law they must have a procedure for dealing with patients’ complaints.

You can also share your concerns with us. We cannot investigate individual complaints however we can check that the service is meeting the regulations and standards as set out in the terms of their registration with us. You can contact us via our webform.

I want to use the HIW logo

Only services/practices that are registered with us can request permission to use our logo. Please complete and submit this application form. Once processed we will issue a suitable formatted logo for use.

Have Your Say On Our Registration Process

We are currently looking at the way in which we manage our registration process to ensure that we are working in the smartest way possible.

Please have your say on the accessibility of our registration information, the clarity of the guidance provided, as well as the registration process itself.

Complete our short survey.