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Private Dental Practice Fees

Application fees

Fees are not payable to apply to register as a private dental practice however an annual fee is payable to remain registered as well as certain fees when things change. These fees are detailed below.

DBS fees

As part of the registration process HIW needs sight of an enhanced DBS certificate that has been issued within the last 3 years for the purposes of dentistry in respect of the Registered Manager/s (RM/s).  Although not a requirement that they are carried out by HIW we are able to do this on behalf of applying RMs and Responsible Individuals (RIs) only.  Where necessary, DBS application packs are posted on receipt of an application to register and a fee of £44 to cover the cost will be invoiced via email.

Annual fees

Type of practice


Private only practice


NHS and private practice where 2 or more dentists provide dental services.


NHS and private practice where no more than one dentist provides dental services.


Your annual fee is due one month after the date of registration (pro rata for the remaining months of the financial year) and annually on 1 April thereafter.  We will issue an invoice by email to inform you that your annual fee is due.  This will provide details of the amount you will be required to pay, the date it must be paid by and how you can pay it.  You should not pay your fee until you have received the invoice.

If you do not pay your annual fee by the due date, HIW will issue a Notice of Proposal to cancel your registration.  HIW may also choose to recover the fee as a civil debt.

Fees to vary or remove a condition of registration

Type of change


Minor variation


Major variation


Remove a condition


If you wish to remove or change (vary) a condition of registration you will need to pay a fee.  The table below sets out these fees.  You should submit the application to HIW and we will issue an invoice by email which will set out the fee payable, when it is due by and instructions on how to make the payment.

Major variation

A major variation is a variation of conditions where HIW consider it necessary to visit the practice to gain assurance in order to determine the application. 

It will often be an application which changes the purpose for which registration was originally granted.   The following are examples where an inspection may be considered necessary – however each application will be considered on its own merits: 

  • Extension of the service into newly built accommodation that involves structural alterations such as:
    • removing walls;
    • changing fire evacuation routes;
    • changing the use of rooms used by patients.
  • Changes to a service that requires new equipment/staffing.
  • Providing dental treatment using a Class 3B or Class 4 laser product.

Minor variation

A minor variation is a change to the service where it is not necessary for HIW to visit the practice to gain assurance in order to determine the application.

The following are examples where an inspection would not normally be considered necessary – however each application will be considered on its own merits:

  • Cessation of a type of treatment or service.
  • Minor building alterations to accommodation.
  • A new Class 3B or Class 4 laser product to carry out similar treatments to those already registered.


If you apply to cancel your registration you may be entitled to a refund.

  • The refund will be no more than 75% of the annual fee.
  • Any refund will be calculated by how many complete quarters remain of the registration year (calculated form the date of payment of the annual fee). 
  • A quarter of the year means a period of three consecutive months.
  • In calculating how many quarters of the year remain, no account is to be taken of the calendar month in which the application to cancel is received.

The law

Regulations 33 & 34, Schedule 5 of The Private Dentistry (Wales) Regulations 2017 sets out the fees that are payable to maintain and vary registration under The Care Standards Act 2000

The fees applicable are required by the above legislation as set out by the Welsh Ministers.  HIW are not responsible for setting these fees.