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Enforcement and Non Compliance

When an independent healthcare provider does not comply with the regulatory requirements and conditions of their registration we will take action.

We are responsible for making sure that independent healthcare providers comply with the requirements set out in the Care Standards Act 2000 (The Act) and the regulations and standards that are associated with the services they provide. We do this by inspecting services, providing feedback immediately following that inspection and publishing a report of our findings. 

If, following an inspection, we find that a service provider is compromising patient safety and failing to comply with the terms of their regulatory requirements and registration, we will take immediate action by issuing a non compliance notice.

What we will do when a service is not meeting their regulatory requirements and conditions

  • If an Inspector has identified areas that require immediate action, the service provider will be notified at the end of the inspection.
  • A non compliance notice will be issued immediately after the inspection confirming the identified areas in which a service is failing to meet legal requirements
  • A follow up inspection may take place to ensure that the areas in which a service is non compliant, have been addressed
  • If a service continues to be non compliant then a Service of Concern meeting will be held and a decision will be made on making the setting a service of concern. Any Services of Concerns will be kept under constant review by HIW.
  • When a service provider has become a Service of Concern and they do not achieve the required improvements, we will ensure that consideration is given to cancelling a services registration.


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