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Caution issued to provider using unregistered laser services

Following a recent criminal investigation, Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) has invoked its legal powers due to a breach of the Care Standards Act 2000.

It follows evidence of a service providing aesthetic laser treatments at a clinic in Cardiff without registration. 

In total, six offences were committed, two by an individual for carrying on or managing an establishment without registration as per Section 11 of the Care Standards Act 2000, with four further offences being committed by the limited company for providing such services.

As the regulator of independent healthcare services in Wales, HIW is committed to taking action when standards are not met. When an independent healthcare provider does not comply with the regulatory requirements, we will take action. 

Providers of independent hospitals, clinics and medical agencies are required to register with HIW. This caution was issued after the setting was found to have been operating whilst unregistered.

If you are looking to use an independent healthcare service, then please check whether that service is registered with HIW using the search facility on our website. If you cannot find the service or have information about an unregistered healthcare provider in Wales, we would like to hear from you.

Healthcare services are provided in a number of different ways and by a variety of healthcare professionals. Where there is any doubt that registration may be required, you are advised to contact HIW for advice by completing and submitting a Registration Query Form.