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Risk and Escalation Committee

HIW’s Risk and Escalation Committee (REC) takes a key role in relation to assessing risks. The REC convenes on a monthly basis with a primary aim to:

  • Consider the intelligence that we hold on health services and whether this indicates a risk of quality and safety standards not being met
  • Reach a conclusion on whether action is required by HIW as a result of the assessment of risk

In considering what information we have and what view we hold about an organisation, the REC reaches conclusions on what action needs to be taken. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Looking further into an issue by sourcing additional information
  • Writing to a service to request an explanation/assurance on a matter
  • Writing to Welsh Government setting out our concerns
  • Escalating our concerns into the NHS Escalation and Intervention Arrangements (NHS only)
  • The initiation of enforcement action (Independent Healthcare)
  • A change to the inspection plan for the year, bringing forward or adding an inspection to the schedule
  • Consideration of whether an investigation or special review should be launched.

The REC discusses and considers the most concerning risks that emerge from all the work that HIW undertakes. Underpinning the REC are supporting processes. These include:

Diagram depicting HIW’s processes:

Diagram of Escalation processes. NHS Escalation and Intervention Arrangements connected by a line with other bodies. Goes down to Risk and Escalation Comitee REC connected to specific Action and enforcement panel. Goes down to Serious untoward incidents/intelligence, IRMER Incidents, Concerns raised/shared with HIW, Regulation 30/31 Notifications and HIW's work programme.