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HIW uses legal powers

Following a recent criminal investigation relating to an unregistered service, HIW has issued a simple caution for a breach of section 11 of the Care Standards Act 2000.

As the regulator of independent healthcare services in Wales, HIW is committed to taking action when standards are not met.  In order to ensure that patients receive safe effective care HIW will take action when an independent healthcare provider does not comply with the regulatory requirements.

If you have information about an unregistered healthcare provider in Wales we would like to hear from you.

If you want to provide a health service in Wales you may be required to register with us before services can be provided. You can register either as an individual or as an organisation.

We have produced guidance which will help you to decide whether you need to register with us. This is provided as a general guide only. Healthcare services are provided in a number of different ways and by a variety of healthcare professionals. Where there is any doubt that registration may be required, you are advised to contact HIW for advice by completing and submitting a Registration Query Form.