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HIW Review Topic Suggestion Form

Please use the form below to contact us with your suggestion

HIW’s purpose is to check that people in Wales receive good quality health care. To do this, we check that services provide safe and effective care which meets recognised standards. Through our work we aim to provide assurance, promote improvement and influence policy and standards. 

In addition to inspections of individual settings, we undertake national and local reviews of specific topics. Examples of our previously published reviews are available. 

There are many factors which help us decide when to do a review. This includes intelligence from other regulators or inspectors, and information from concerns or complaints. We also encourage people to tell us their views about what we should look at. 

To help us, please fill in the form below. Please describe how the topic you would like us to look at relates to patient safety, and provide any relevant details that could help us to understand the topic and follow up on the information you have provided. This form should not include any personal information, that could be used to identify someone, other than the optional contact details below. 

Your proposal will be reviewed by our Review Steering Board at the end of each month. This group reviews and prioritises topics and makes recommendations about further work. The final decision is taken by our Risk and Escalation Committee. Find out more about how we operate

If you feel your issue requires more immediate action, or is about a concern about an individual or specific setting, please use our concerns process.

If you experience any difficulties using the form below, please email us directly: