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Whistleblowing - Raising Concerns about Healthcare in Wales

What you need to know if you want to report concerns at work

What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is the term used when someone who works in or for an organisation wishes to raise concerns about malpractice, wrongdoing, illegality or risk in the organisation. These concerns can affect patients, the public, other staff, or the organisation itself.

Whistleblowing applies to raising a concern within the organisation as well as externally, such as to a regulator like HIW. 

If you are a healthcare worker and you want to raise a concern

From time to time, you may have concerns about something happening where you work which might affect patients, your colleagues, or the whole organisation. Doing something about these concerns isn’t always easy.

HIW has a special role for people who are thinking about “blowing the whistle” about concerns they have about wrongdoing in healthcare in Wales.  HIW are a “prescribed body” under the whistleblowing laws, so employees, former employees, temporary agency staff or contractors who bring us concerns about their employer’s activities can have some protection for their employment rights.  

All health care professionals must follow their professional code of conduct and we would always recommend that you raise your concern within your organisation first. However, if you feel unable to do this, or have already gone through this route, we will listen to your concern and explain to you how we can help. We may need to pass on the information you give us to another organisation or regulatory body if it is more appropriate for them to look into the concern. 

If you disclose information to us, your disclosure is “protected” if you have made it honestly, you believe it is substantially true and you have a reasonable belief that it is about the provision of healthcare in Wales.