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General Dental Practice Inspections Annual Report 2015-16

This report summarises the findings from our dental practice inspections in 2015-16.


In 2014-15 we began a three year programme of inspections of all dental practices in Wales. 

We inspected 133 dental practices during 2015-16 to ensure that the services they are providing are safe for the patients receiving treatment. 

What we found

  • Patients were happy with the dental services they received
  • Most practices were committed to making efforts to continually improve the services they provide
  • Information on costs or charges were sometimes missing or not clearly visible to patients
  • All practices should consider their responsibilities to consider the needs of all patients, including those with sensory loss
  • All practices should have a system to regularly gain patient feedback 
  • Practices should consider how to better ensure people are empowered to tell when things have gone wrong. 
  • All practices should check that their complaints policies comply with the NHS patient complaints procedure known as ‘Putting Things Right’ and, where applicable, the Private Dentistry (Wales) Regulations 2008.

The full report is available to download below.