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We’ve published our Operational Plan

Find out about our priorities and actions for 2024-2025

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Today (09 May 2024), we have launched our Operational Plan 2024-2025. 

This Operational Plan outlines the priorities and actions we have set for ourselves to support the delivery of our work, as we head into the third and final year of our Strategic Plan

Our objectives remain ambitious, and through them we aim to make a difference to the people of Wales by helping to drive improvements in healthcare. 

This plan outlines how we aim to achieve our strategic objectives:

  1. We will focus on the quality of healthcare provided to people and communities as they access, use and move between services.
  2. We will adapt our approach to ensure we are responsive to emerging risks to patient safety
  3. We will work collaboratively to drive system and service improvement within healthcare
  4. We will support and develop our workforce to enable them, and the organisation, to deliver our priorities.

Our inspection and assurance work for this year has been planned to ensure that we deliver our statutory responsibilities in relation to the Mental Health Act, Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (IR(ME)R) and independent healthcare, whilst also conducting a programme of routine and risk based inspections to NHS settings. This will enable us to continue the delivery of core activity, including work to review previous recommendations, and the ability to respond to emerging intelligence.

This year’s plan builds on our development through proactive learning and listening carefully to feedback on how we carry out our work. People are at the heart of what we do, and it is important we strive to share lessons learnt, reflect on what has worked well and take forward this learning to continuously improve.

We will continue to strengthen our engagement by modernising our ways of working and improving our efficiency. Through this plan, we aim to have equality, diversity, and inclusion deliverables embedded, to help us assess the quality and accessibility of healthcare for everyone across Wales.

Chief Executive of Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, Alun Jones says:

Our role of checking whether standards in healthcare are being met is always important, and we will continue to take a balanced, risk-based approach to our work over the next year. We recognise the demands and challenges facing healthcare services in Wales, and our goal of driving improvement in healthcare has never been more important. 

We will continue to highlight areas of concern through our inspection and assurance work to promote key findings and themes. We aim to provide healthcare services with the insight they need to measure their own delivery and improvement.