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Tell us about your healthcare journey - National Review of Patient Flow (Stroke Pathway)

We are currently undertaking a National review to assess the impact of any delay in assessment or treatment for patients. We are using the stroke pathway to assess the quality of a patient’s journey. We want to understand what is being done to mitigate any harm to those awaiting care and how the quality and safety of care is being maintained throughout the stroke pathway.

If you, a family member or friend have suffered a stroke within the last few years, please complete our short survey.

Your experience will help us to identify good practice and improvements where required, to provide better care for patients in Wales

The survey is anonymous so no-one will be able to identify you from your answers.

A hardcopy of the survey is available, or if you would like to complete the survey over the phone, please contact us.

We have produced an animated video to show you Sam’s journey through the healthcare system. The animation takes the viewer step-by-step through Sam’s journey and is aimed to help you understand what a patient’s journey could look like.