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National Review of Mental Health Crisis Prevention in the Community

In our Operational Plan 2019-2020, we committed to a programme of national reviews which included crisis in mental health. The decision to undertake this review was based on a number of concerns relating to people’s ability to access timely care, to prevent them reaching a crisis with their mental health.

At the time of undertaking this national review, health and care services across Wales have had to rise to meet the challenges of a global pandemic, COVID-19. This has introduced unique and unprecedented pressures on the system. The review will be conscious of how services have adapted and changed to cope with these pressures.

The main question our review will seek to answer is:

  • Is mental health crisis being prevented in the community, through timely and appropriate care?

Throughout the review we will explore:   

  • The experiences of people accessing care and treatment 

It will also explore how services available within the community in each health board across Wales:

  • Provide safe and effective services to help prevent mental health crisis
  • Understand the strengths and areas for improvement to help prevent mental health crisis