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Mental Health Hospitals, Learning Disability and Mental Health Act Inspections Annual Report 2015-2016

Read the findings from our mental health hospitals, learning disability and Mental Health Act inspections during 2015-2016.

The purpose of this report is to summarise the themes emerging from the mental health hospitals, learning disability and Mental Health Act inspections we completed during 2015-2016. 

During 2015-2016 we inspected 12 independent hospitals, 4 NHS settings and 7 follow up visits. We undertook 59 Mental Health Act monitoring ward visits covering 30 hospitals, most of which were undertaken as part of our inspection programme. In addition, we began a programme of review for patients that were subject to Community Treatment Orders (CTO’s).

What we found

  • Positive rapport between patients and staff, despite staff dealing with very challenging patients
  • Increase in NHS hospitals working towards and obtaining external accreditation, including Accreditation for Inpatient Mental Health Services (AIMS), Star Wards and Safewards
  • Multi disciplinary teams working including community based staff across NHS is generally effective 
  • Openness of staff and patients to engage with the inspection process across both NHS and independent hospitals is generally very good

What could be improved

  • More available beds  in NHS hospitals 
  • Easier access to psychology and occupational therapy
  • Consistent training in a variety of areas
  • Clearer admission criteria 
  • Robust staff supervision
  • Maintenance was also a significant issues with 80% of hospitals visited needing maintenance, refurbishment and replacement of equipment and furniture.

You can read the full findings from our inspections and the recommendations for improvement in the report below. 

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