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We carry out reviews of healthcare organisations or services in response to concerns arising from a particular incident or incidents, dependent upon seriousness and/or frequency of occurrence.

A decision to undertake an investigation may also be determined or influenced by intelligence either collected by us or by other audit, regulation and inspection bodies. An NHS body may also refer itself to us and request that we undertake a review of an issue or service.

The NHS Escalation and Intervention Arrangements sets out when the Welsh Government, Auditor General for Wales and HIW will work together to share information and respond when issues of concern become apparent in NHS bodies in Wales.

These arrangements may result in HIW undertaking an investigation either unilaterally or jointly with Audit Wales.

When there is death within a Welsh Prison, we contribute to the Prison and Probation Ombudsman’s investigation by undertaking a clinical review. 

Welsh Government also commissions us to undertake a review when a homicide of an adult is committed by an individual known to adult mental health services.