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Independent External Reviews of Homicides: An evaluation of reviews undertaken by Healthcare Inspectorate Wales since 2007

This report pulls together the key themes from the 13 independent external reviews of homicides committed by individuals known to mental health services in Wales published by HIW since 2007.

The purpose of the evaluation was to:

  • Undertake a detailed analysis of the findings and recommendations identified in all homicide reviews 
  • Identify whether there were common theme/s to recommendations 
  • Assess the impact the reports, and the recommendations issued since 2007, have had on services that are being provided to mental health service users 
  • Identify the benchmark for improvement and examples of best practice on a national basis, and consider how best practice may be effectively shared 
  • Produce recommendations for referral to the appropriate forum, new or existing 
  • Identify areas of improvement and learning to be taken forward by stakeholders.