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General Medical Practice (GP) Inspections Annual Report 2015-16

This report summarises our findings from our GP inspections during 2015-16.

Following a successful pilot in 2014-15, we continued our programme of GP practices in 2015-16 and this is our second annual report on our findings from our inspections.  

We inspected 27 GP practices during 2015-16 and explored how each practice met the standards of care set out in the Health and Care Standards. 

What we found

  • Staff treating patients with dignity, respect, compassion and kindness
  • Patients satisifed with the care and treatement they had received
  • Strong leadership from practice managers, GPs and senior staff
  • Staff with the right skills, knowledge and training to fulfill their roles
  • Detailed clinical notes that aids the continuity of care for patients
  • Only half the practices we inspected had systems in place to allow patients to provide feedback on the services they had received
  • Practices should consider how people with mobility issues or sensory loss can access and use their premises
  • Practices need to improve their systems for managing adults who become vulnerable or at risk.

Full details on our findings can be found in our report below. 

You can also listen to our Director Ruth Studley, talking about the findings from this report on our YouTube channel.