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Equality and Human Rights

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales is committed to the principles of equality, human rights and diversity in all the work we do.

We check how well NHS services meet the Quality Standards 2023, and whether independent services are meeting the National Minimum Standards for Independent Healthcare Services in Wales (2011).

This includes checking: 

  • That everyone is treated with dignity, respect, compassion and kindness
  • That the needs of individuals are addressed whatever their identity and background
  • That people’s human rights are upheld 
  • How well providers are using the Mental Capacity Act to promote and protect the rights of people using their services
  • How services are protecting the human rights of people who are detained under the Mental Health Act. 

HIW is a member of the National Preventative Mechanism which is made up of 20 bodies which monitor places of detention across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This includes police custody, prisons, court custody, immigration and military detention, secure children’s homes, and places where people are detained under mental health legislation.

HIW also sits on the Advisory Board for the NHS Centre for Equality and Human Rights.