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HIW Advisory Board

Terms of Reference


HIW has established an Advisory Board to support it in the following ways:

  • To have challenging conversations on the activities of and priorities for HIW.
  • To use the experience and expertise of Board members to improve the effectiveness of HIW.
  • To absorb the perspectives of Board members and consider how they might influence HIW priorities.
  • To identify and help develop strategic policies to support the overall development of HIW.
  • To support effective working relationships between HIW and all key national stakeholders.
The Advisory Board will not be: 
  • A decision making body
  • A substitute for formal consultation
  • For the discussion of individual review, registration or investigating specific details.


1 HB Chair nomination
1 HB Chief Executive nomination
The Director of the Board of CHCs in Wales
2 independent members nominated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland
1 HIW Peer Reviewer
1 HIW Lay Reviewer

In attendance

The Chief Executive of HIW
Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Regulation and Inspection of HIW
Director of Service Reviews and Development of HIW
Additional Members may be invited for specific purposes by agreement of the Board.

Organisational Arrangements


The Chair will be elected for a term of one year from within the membership. However, neither the Chief Executive nor Deputy Chief Executive of HIW will be eligible to be Chair.

Term of membership

Members will be appointed for a three year period with the option to extend for a further two years if needed.


Meetings of the HIW Advisory Board will convene at least three times a year.
The Chair may vary the meeting programme.
Meetings of the Advisory Board will usually be held in the Cardiff area.


The Chair will agree the agenda for meetings of the Advisory Board after consultation with members.
The agenda and related papers for meetings of the Advisory Board will normally be issued via email (followed by hard copy if required), five working days prior to the meeting.

Administrative Support

The Advisory Board will be supported by a secretariat provided by HIW. The secretariat will work to the Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Review of Arrangements

The Advisory Board shall review its Terms of Reference at its first meeting and annually thereafter.
May 2012

Last updated: 07/01/2013