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Dentists Registered to Provide Private Dentistry in Wales

The Private Dentistry (Wales) Regulations 2008 came into force on 1 January 2009. These regulations require all dentists that practice any private dentistry in Wales to be registered with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW).

This search facility allows you to search for dentists registered with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales.

You can search by

  • Post code
    A search may be made by either
    • The first two letters of the postcode e.g. SA will search for all registered private dentists in the West Wales area.
    • The first two letters and number e.g. SA31 will search for all registered private dentists in a more specific area.
    • The full postcode.
  • Town
    A search may be made for all registered private dentists in a town. Dentists may have several addresses from which they provide private dentistry, the principle address given at the time of registration is used for the purposes of this search facility.
  • First Name
    This is the first name given by the dentist and may not be the name by which they are generally known.
  • Last Name
    This is the name under which the dentist practices. There may be instances where the name under which a dentist practices and their married name may be different.
  • General Dental Council number
    This is the registration number provided by the General Dentist Council to dentists who are appopriately qualified to practice dentistry in the UK.

The database is updated at the end of each month with additions or removals from the register.

If you have any queries regarding the registration of a dentist with HIW you may contact a member of the Regulation Team on 02920 928897.

Search the HIW List of Private Dentists

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