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Dignity & Essential Care Inspection & Cleanliness Spot Check Reports at Brecon War Memorial Hospital

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) today publishes two reports following unannounced inspection visits to Brecon War Memorial Hospital (Dignity and Essential Care Inspection and Cleanliness Spot Check).

The Cleanliness Spot Check was undertaken on 19 December 2011.  The wards visited were Y Bannau (General Practice Medical) and Epynt Ward (Rehabilitation and Palliative Care).
Epynt Ward has recently been refurbished and was considered to be of a good standard of cleanliness while Y Bannau Ward was found to be an acceptable standard of cleanliness.
However, the visit highlighted issues that were consistent across the two wards visited, these included: poor condition of commodes, disorganised and cluttered dirty utility areas and hand hygiene audit results not being displayed for the information of staff.  As these could be hospital wide issues the Health Board is required to undertake its own audit of the wards at Brecon War Memorial Hospital and report back to HIW.
The Dignity and Essential Care Inspection was undertaken on 16 and 17 January 2012.  The wards visited were also Epynt Ward and Y Bannau Ward.
In general, care for patients was being provided well and staff were observed being supportive, polite, courteous and sensitive to patients’ needs.  Also both wards visited had built good links with the adjacent Crug Ward, which is another ward based at the hospital which specialises in older people’s mental health care operated by Aneurin Bevan Health Board.  These links were proving to be useful when assessing and planning interventions in the care and management of patients with dementia.
However, there were some issues of concern identified including insufficient documentation being completed by staff to evidence the care and treatment being provided to patients on the ward.  Also, there were limited activities and stimulating activities available for patients on both the wards. 
During the DECI visit we also followed up on the improvements the Health Board were required to make following the Dignity and Respect spot check carried out in October 2009 and the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales’ report published in early 2011.  
Overall various actions had been completed; however there were still a number that had not been addressed including inconsistencies in staff knowledge regarding the communication aids available to assist patients with a sensory impairment.  Also it was unclear from care plans reviewed whether patients and their relatives are systematically being involved in care planning as a matter of routine.
The Health Board is now required to submit an action plan that addresses all the improvements identified in both of these reports by 28 June 2012.
HIW Chief Executive, Dr Peter Higson said:
We have made recommendations for action by the Health Board to ensure that the necessary improvements are made.  The Health Board will be required to report back to us on the action they propose to take in relation to the findings of both the Dignity and Essential Care inspection and the cleanliness spot check.”

Source: Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW)