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Review of Governance Arrangements at Cwm Taf Health Board

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) today publishes its report following a review of the governance and accountability arrangements that Cwm Taf Health Board has put in place to ensure the quality and safety of patient care.

The review looked at the governance challenges facing Cwm Taf Health Board, and in the report HIW has set out a number of recommendations across the following 14 key areas:

  • Committee reporting lines
  • Non-Officer Members
  • Challenge and scrutiny
  • Access to information
  • Organisational structure
  • Executive Board
  • Monitoring performance
  • Partnership involvement
  • Communication of the vision and objectives
  • Staff development and appraisal
  • Clinical teams and leadership
  • Risk
  • Patient complaints, concerns and claims
  • Trend analysis, action planning, and sharing learning
Some of the governance issues identified by HIW’s review have significance for all NHS Health Boards and Trusts and four recommendations have been made for NHS Wales in relation to non-officer board members and risk management.

Chief Executive of HIW, Dr Peter Higson, said today:

“The landscape within which health services are planned and delivered continues to change at an unprecedented pace. The challenges facing Cwm Taf Health Board, and all health services in Wales, over the next few years are great. In such a time of change there is a need for strong governance arrangements which enable Health Boards to have the necessary agility and innovation, while maintaining a focus on ensuring high quality, safe services for patients through robust systems of performance management, assurance and risk management

“Effective governance is central to supporting the delivery of safe high quality care. Our report identified some complex issues that will require further detailed consideration by Cwm Taf Health Board and time to develop appropriate solutions. The recommendations in our report are designed to assist and support the Health Board in meeting these challenges as part of their ongoing development and improvement plan to which they have fully committed.”

Cwm Taf Clinical Goverance Review

Press Release

Cwm Taf Press Release

Source: Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW)